Play Keno Just for Fun

If you're up for an easy game, keno is for you. It is so simple to play and is one of the more popular casino games around. Basically, it involves a ticket printed with the numbers from 1 up to 80. Now, you select one up to fifteen numbers by marking these off on the ticket. Twenty numbers will then be randomly be drawn by the casino. If you win, the amount that you will receive is proportionate to your bet and will depend on how many numbers that you had marked off were included in the 20 numbers that were randomly drawn. You can refer to a payout table that the casino will provide covering all the possible betting combinations.

If you'll notice, however, the payout table was structured in such a way that the house commission is around twenty-five percent, which essentially means that the casino makes a commission of 25 cents for every dollar of your bet. This is bigger than any of the table games and far larger than the house edge in slot machines. But even so, keno has remained popular in casinos and seems to gain in popularity even more.

The steep utility curve for keno accounts for its popularity despite the casino's huge house cut. Over the centuries, man found a bet very appealing if for a very small wager, he can have a shot at a very large amount in prize money regardless if the probability of winning that prize money is miniscule. Keno in most casinos requires a bet of only one dollar, but would give you the potential of winning a prize pot of up to forty grand. The probability of getting all 15 numbers included in the 20 randomly drawn numbers is over 1 is to 400 billion. If the payout for the game will follow the true odds, the winner should be entitled to a prize of 400 billion dollars, which is of course, a ridiculous amount for a prize. All bettors would nonetheless be more than happy to have a shot at 40 grand for an investment of only one dollar.

Moreover, people have other reasons for playing keno. Most do it to put a bit of variety on their gaming activities for the day. Many believe that one dollar is a small price to pay for the same kind of adrenaline rush that they get in playing a $20 hand of blackjack that gives a potential win of only a few hundred bucks. One thing is sure, though, when you play keno, make sure you play for the fun of it.