The Different Types of Keno

Even though keno is a very simple game in almost every aspect, it still comes in different types and variants that will let players to determine and pick which type of keno will be the best one that will be suitable for them. Each of the different keno types has its own distinguishing characteristics which make it imperative for players of the game to be acquainted with each one so as to assess which of those will be the keno game type that is for them.

Straight Tickets

As with the name, this type of keno is a very much straightforward variant to play. This type of keno plays out with the general rules of game. In this variant, players pick their desired spots and numbers, with the maximum limit for the number of chosen spots and numbers depending on the house rules of the casino where one is playing in.

Players will also then have to choose the amount of the bet that they will wager as casinos provide fixed amounts for one's bets. In this variant, it is important that one plays the right number of spots and the right amount of wager since playing too many spots and too large wagers will make one's play inefficient and below optimal.

Split Tickets

Split tickets are very much like straight tickets with the main difference being the former is played with two sets of chosen numbers in one physical ticket. When playing this type, players must remember that the two groups of chosen numbers must have unique numbers and should not share any number with one another.

Combination Tickets

Games played with combination tickets let players to combine several straight tickets into one physical ticket. Apart from enabling players to play more than two sets of number in a single game, what makes this type different from split ticket games is that players can also jumble the different straight tickets into different combinations, hence the name.

Players must remember to emphasize on their ticket that they are playing a combination ticket so as to ensure that one will not have to face any hassle that might come up with ticket mix ups.

King Tickets

Games played with king tickets are not that commonly played compared to the other types. When playing with king tickets, only one number is circled in the number sheet. This number is referred to as the 'king' and it used in conjunction with other number combinations for the game.

These keno game types each has their own unique characteristics which makes it easy for players to distinguish each one from all the other and choose which of the variants will be the one that will answer for their preferences.